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Introduction of PSAT

Our mission for promoting mind-body medicine is currently served by offering the newly introduced and innovative program of “Pythagorean Self-Awareness Technique” (PSAT).  PSAT has been designed on the basis of the ancient Pythagorean Philosophy and dictations which urge and guide the individual, through a daily stepwise cognitive process, into better self-awareness and self-control. Through PSAT the individual will learn to monitor him-,herself on a daily basis and make self-rewarding amendments on various aspects of his/her daily life. According to the philosopher internal harmony can be established by activating the appropriate self-reflections that will enable the individual to appraise, reward or reprimand his/her actions devoid of the toxic negative emotions (such as those caused by distress) that “infect” prudent and self-rewarding thinking and decision making. In accordance with the Pythagorean philosophy, memory is the cornerstone of the PSAT and should be invoked in every judicial process that the brain must perform through self-reflection.  We know now that self-reflections through memory under resting state are served by the default mode network (DMN) in the brain. Interestingly, a “healthy” DMN sub-serves moral thinking, stress management and self-rewarding behaviors and is also associated with better cognitive performance, quality of life and well-being. In a nutshell, PSAT discourages automated daily behaviors which impinge on health, cognitive and mental wellbeing (i.e. binge eating, tobacco consumption, maladjusted considerations, interpersonal conflicts etc.) and promotes a meaningful, self-empowered and compensating way of living. 


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13 October 2016

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