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The schedule of PSAT-Who can participate?

The PSAT program consists of three weekly courses, three hours each and a flexible individualized webinar (web-based seminar) period of five courses. The program will be offered by well-educated health professional with substantial previous experience on PSAT. Baseline and follow-up assessments will be performed at an individual level using validated questionnaires and biofeedback-assisted electrophysiological measurements. Throughout the course participants are urged to interact with their instructors and share their experiences with the other participants. Confidentiality will be strongly observed throughout the program’s period.

Eligible applicants

  •  Over 18 years old
  • Healthy people from the community
  • People who pursue a healthier and happier way of living (e.g. people who want to quit smoking or alcohol, improve their diet, reduce stress, tackle guilt, cope with bereavement, reduce hostility, improve their decision making, improve family affairs, improve their memory etc.) 
  • Individuals suffering from chronic illness or diseases (such headaches, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases, cancer, depression, mild cognitive problems, anxiety, anorexia nervosa etc.)
  • People belonging to special parts of the population; pregnant women, caregivers, obese people, drug abusers, people with any motor or other disability etc.
  • All persons suffering from any mental or medical disease should have written permission from a physician for their participation in the program.

There will be no exclusions due to gender, ethnicity, religiosity, skin color or socioeconomic status

Important note:  Companies and organizations that are interested in helping their employees may also apply for the program. For information regarding current seminars, or a tailor-made seminar for your company’s needs, please contact us.



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