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Which are the possible benefits for your business?

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For employees

  • Greater incentive and commitment to work
  • Higher morale during work
  • They feel they belong to a group and that they contribute to decision making, thus becoming more receptive to changes
  • Relationships among the managers and within the groups are improved
  • Greater feeling of satisfaction from work

For employers

  • Improvement of employees' health
  • Improvement of employees' memory
  • Reduction of employees' stress and anxiety levels
  • Improvement of employees' creativity and productivity
  • Reduction of staff flow and intention of resigning
  • Improvement of absence management and reduced lost work days due to illness
  • Improvement of quality of work
  • Business acquires improved image and reputation
  • Better understanding of the employees

Financial benefits

  • Yield increase of investment in the employees' training and evolution
  • Improved relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Reduced costs due to sick leave
  • Reduced overtime or recruitment of new employees to cover for absences due to illness

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