Scientific Association of Stress Management and Health Promotion USA

What we do


SASMHP educates students, health-care professionals and educators. SASMHP accomplishes its educational objectives by:

  • Providing up to date scientific information on stress management, health promotion and mind-body medicine.
  • Addressing scientific queries at an inpidual level.
  • Organizing meetings presenting evidence-based research by SASMHP or other scientists/scientific societies in the field.


SASMHP considers research as a pivotal element of its mission and a strong prerequisite for the continuity of its function. SASMHP accomplishes its research objectives by:

  • Designing research protocols for mind-body interventions based on internationally accepted quality standards for research methodology.
  • Documenting the benefits of its programs by implementing rigorous scientific measurements.
  • Furthering the understanding of stress management, health promotion and mind-body medicine by applying scientific data in the everyday life and mainstream clinical practice.

C. Health Programs

Delivering health promotion services to the public is a pivotal aspect of SASMHP's mission. SASMHP accomplishes this objective by:

  • Providing structured, evidence based, health-related programs that have strong evidence for benefitting mental and/or social and/or physical health.
  • Designing stress management and health promotion programs to address workplace stress, thus promoting workplace wellbeing.
  • Supporting newly introduced scientific innovative programs which have a beneficial role in mind-body medicine.
  • Enabling every person regardless of age, gender, color, religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic status to participate.
  • Advocating collaboration with other institutions, organizations, scientific teams or organizations, health-care providers, communities etc, in the USA or worldwide.

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13 October 2016

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